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Windmill Contester

A Heavy-duty Degreaser Cleaner

View the video below to see Windmill Contester in action

Windmill Refill Contester heavy-duty degreaser cleaner is an outstanding powerful multipurpose product developed for a wide range of cleaning applications in kitchens, food processing operations and general industry.

Windmill Refill Recharger Contester Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

Concentrated and economical in use.  Supplied in the innovative 1L Windmill Refill Recharger bottle - with easy measure of between 20-60ml. Simply turn the bottle upside down to accurately measure the chemical into the top chamber, then unscrew the lid, pour into spray bottle or bucket and top up with water.

Where can you use Windmill Contester?

In the video above you will have seen some of the uses of Windmill Contester, it can also be used to easily removes fat, grease, oil and ingrained soiling on:

  • Hard surfaces
  • Cooker hoods
  • Deep fat fryers
  • Ovens
  • Floors & Walls, including safety flooring


Windmill Contester is a concentrate which must be diluted and can be used in:

  • Heavy-duty 1.8L Trigger Spray bottles
  • Trigger spray bottles
  • Mop buckets

Dilution rates

  • Damp Mopping Dilute 60ml for every 5L of cold water into mop
  • Spray and Wipe in Trigger Spray  Dilute 20ml. Spray with caution, allow contact time and wipe away.
  • Foamer Dilute 60ml into 1400ml of water.  Spray with caution, allow contact time and rinse/wipe away.
  • Deep Fat Fryers Switch off appliance, drain oil and any deposits.  Dilute 180ml (3x60ml doses) with cold water.  Submerge basket and utensils in solution and soak for 2 hours.  Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry.

Part of the Windmill Refill Range

Sustainable and refillable containers, Windmill Refill is a range of cleaning products developed by us to eliminate single use plastics. Supplied in 10L containers which can then be decanted into trigger spray bottles, mop buckets etc.

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